Our Goals

To teach as many people as we can reach globally to be environmentally conscientious. Our modern-day societies, especially the western societies, have become so disconnected with nature and the living earth we depend upon. We all share one earth with every living creature. What we do anywhere on this planet effects everyone on this planet.

We teach people about our carbon impact and the massive amounts of waste and toxins in which we are pollute the earth, water, and air. How our everyday actions and lifestyles contribute to climate change, global warming, desertification, and the depletion of our nature resources. So that they and genuinely comprehend the criticalness of our present situation.

Every single person has the power to make a differance.Thr are so man stainble solutions people have the option to chose the ones that best fit their lifestyles. That are adaptable to any climate anywhere in the world. Not only is change possible but it is critical. The changes we make today will detremine our tommorrows.