Hours & Appointments

Due to the changing nature of the Covid-19 crisis. All information, dates, schedules should be considered tentative until further notice.

The Sand Castles Ranch (Project) is not a specific location.

*We utilize many locations globally for our projects and filming. For more information about Locations & Projects

ALL of our projects are filmed for public educational TV and/or Educational purposes.

Therefore, WE ARE NOT open to the public.

However, WE DO HOST special events, workshops, school & community events and bi annual fundraisers.

Also, some of our programs are shot with a live interactive studio audience.

Donations of supplies, Volunteers, Project Sponsor Reviews

Must be arranged By APPOINTMENT ONLY!

Sunday through Thursday 9AM–6PM

Friday 9AM–1PM

Saturday Closed

We are closed for ALL Jewish High Holidays and National Holidays.

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