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Put Your Money Where Your Heart is, Feel Good and Do Good!

All of our projects are always education and aimed towards creating a healthier happier sustainable environment.

The terrible mess mankind has made isn't going to just go away. It's not going to clean it's self up. It also can't be successfully reduced until we stop adding to it.

We have to make some major changes in the ways we DO many things!

We know that showing and demonstrating to people healthier alternatives will encourage people to choose better, healthier options.

With your contribution together we can teach people healthier options for themselves, all creatures and the environment.

Please make a tax deductible donation today!

Your Donation makes you a member of the Sand Castles Ranch (Project) team. Granting you members only access and 10 % discount of any of our products or services.


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Your tax deductible contributions, of any size is greatly appreciated! We also except donations of items and materials. Everyone CAN contribute is some way! Here are a few examples:

You Can Donate Items

  • Unused item left over from renovations and remodels.

  • Leftover scraps and pieces from construction projects. Including paints and finishes.

  • Unused furniture and items for Recycle and Repurpose projects.

  • All kinds of storage containers of all sizes.

  • Animal care items you no longer need.

  • XXX Large tires from big equipment.

To name only a few items. for a more detailed list click below.

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