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Our Impact

Due to the changing nature of the Covid-19 crisis. All information, dates, schedules should be considered tentative.

So many people want to be environmentally friendly but don't know how. They don't think the changes they can make will make any difference or are afraid of the expense.

Many effective changes don't cost anything except your time.

WYDK TV re-presented this video for educational purposes back in OCT 2012. Everything that was predicted to happen then, is currently happening.

Global Impact

The Sand Castles Ranch (Project) is apart of the WYDK Global Network of Educational TV, Radio programs, and Community Events and Workshops. "All of our programs are designed to produce maximum Social Impact. To raise a generation of environmentally literate citizens and communities empowered to combat the destruction of mother earth and to protect and sustain the natural systems upon which all life depends through sustainable building and sustainable living". We focus on numerous topics related to sustainability, conservation, natural ecosystems, biodiversity, and sustainable living. Whenever possible we try to develop projects that create positive impacts in underserved areas.

The WYDK Global Network has 25 programs in total to date. Each has its own website , social media pages, Youtube channels and more. That translates to a tremendous global audience.

All the SandCastles Ranch (Projects) utilize 60% or more Recycled, Repurposed .and Sustainable materials. We also always use Zero Waste protocols for every project. We always teach by first setting an example!

Environmental Impact

Energy Use

A global conventional energy source such as coal, gas, and oil improves the economy of a country. They have a very bad impact on natural resources and contribute large amounts of toxic waste to the environment. Both in the processing and usage applications. That is why we turn our thinking toward renewable energy resources.

Naturally Sustainable, Renewable Energy sources are all around us and always has been.

Honestly speaking they are fairly easy to harness and store. It is because of greedy corporations and their lust for profits that there is an energy shortage. By instilling the illusion that the only reliable energy sources derived from coal, gas, and oil. Requiring extensive drilling, mining, and other environmentally equally destructive processes. To justify the high cost of usage and the huge profits. Globally the energy industry is 1.4 trillion dollars and in the US 200 Million yearly.

We teach about the implementation use of Natural Sustainable, Renewable Energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal energies.

Energy Conservation

We teach sustainable solutions to energy use. So many people have become so wasteful of all of our resources. There is enough to go around for everyone but not if we continue to profusely waste. People have become Energy Gluttons, using and wasting far more energy than they need. Treating our resources like a never-ending supply with no regard to waste. This a very fixable issue and has to be stopped through education.

Some of the subjects we teach:

Environmental Impact: #Alternative Energy, # Energy Conservation, #Environmentally Friendly, # Land Conservation, #Eco Building, #Sustainable building, #Zero energy, #Energy Conservation,

Social Economic Impact

Social Economics focuses on the relationship between social behavior and economics. Socio-economic factors include occupation, education, income, wealth and where someone lives. Social impact is important because it looks at social determinants (root causes), and perceptions, attitudes and behaviors that are associated with the health and well-being of a population

Whenever possible we try to develop projects that create positive impacts in underserved areas.

Sustainable Solutions

  • Homelessness is the greatest and only true global pandemic!

According to global statics 2015 1.6 billion people globally lived in "inadequate shelter". That number only includes reported cases. Approximately 100,000 in the US and 380,000 of that total are under the age of 18. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic those numbers are expected to rise by 30 million in the US. In the next three to 5yrs 3 billion people are projected/expected to be homeless.

Through teaching Sustainable Building, using easily sourced materials, and easily executed, techniques that have been successfully used for centuries throughout the world. We can greatly impact if not end homelessness.

  • Creating Economic Empowerment for people to be able to live sustainably and more self sufficiently. We strive to teach people to take a much larger active role in their own personal circumstances by teaching them easy inexpensive ways to live more sustainably.

  • Combat Social economic imbalances through addressing many of the primary causes such as: Discrimination, Poverty, Lack of education, Unemployment and adequate housing.

  • Alternative Housing

  • Off Grid

The subjects we teach:

Social Economic Impact: #Self-Sustainability, # Healthy Spaces. #Basic Survival Training, #Debt Free Living, # Tiny homes, #Economic Empowerment, #Alternative Living, # Alternative Housing, #Tiny House Designs, #Sustainable Development, #Sustainable Solutions, #Social Economic Imbalances, #Eco-Friendly Living, #Off Grid, #Homesteading, #Eco-Art,

Ecological Impact

The impact of human activities or natural events on living beings and their environment.

We teach about low cost efficient ways people can live sustainably and impact the environment for the good. They can contribute towards reversing the effects of global warming and the depletion of our natural resources.

We teach about how human agriculture and infrastructure, have affected the natural environments across the Earth and animals and plants. We teach effective ways each person can help to reduce this impact through balancing demand with protection of natural resources.

We teach about the ecological impact of toxins on the environment.

We teach about our carbon impact and the massive amounts of waste and toxins in which we are pollute the earth, water, and air. How our everyday actions and lifestyles contribute to climate change, global warming, desertification, and the depletion of our nature resources. That they may genuinely comprehend the criticalness of our present situation.

We empower people and communities to responsibly and sustainably heal and protect nature, and our biodiversity.

We teach about planting trees to absorb and store critical carbon. planting many trees at every project location. Through teaching grafting and planting techniques even in the worst conditions. Also Raising funds to plant numerous trees at our locations, donate and plant trees at schools and other community locations.

Ecological Impact: #Regenerative Agriculture, #Natural Farming, #Natural Resource Conservation, #Environmentally Friendly, # Land Conservation,, #Biodiversity, #Climate Change, #Global Warming, #Eco Building, #Sustainable building, #Zero energy, #Energy Conservation, #Alternative Energy, #Nature-Based Solutions, #Benefits of Biodiversity

Water Conservation

Global water crisis

Clean, fresh water is the primary life source of every living thing on the earth.Less than 2% of the Earth's water supply is freshwater.

Due to the pollution of our rivers, lakes and oceans clean fresh water has become a very limited resource. Globally it is estimated that 844 million people lack access to basic drinkable water.

According to the EPA least 40 states in the US anticipating water shortages by 2024. The need to conserve water globally is critical. Conserving water means using our water supply wisely and be responsible.

We teach about the many things we do in everyday life that add to the pollution of groundwater resources. Natural ways to protect our water resources.

We teach simple sustainable solutions you can do at home to ease the burden on your local water supply. How using water efficiently to reduce unnecessary water usage.

An excellent way to conserve water is recycled, repurposedurosed, upcycled goods. The manufacturing process of most goods uses large amounts of water. Many manufacturing process leach/dump toxins into the drinkable water system.

By teach natural health & sustainable living less chemicals from pharmaceuticals and household product are added to the clean water system.

  • Water regulates the Earth's temperature.

The subjects we teach:

Water Conservation: #Water Conservation, # Water purification, # Water Recycling, # Sustainable Water Resources, # Water Redistribution,

Wildlife Conservation

  • Whenever possible we build and or reserve wildlife habitats.

  • We teach others about our impact of wildlife. Depending on location.

  • We strongly teach about the importance of living in harmony with wildlife/nature.

  • We focus on the importance of biodiversity and why it is critical for all living beings.

Subjects we teach:

Wildlife Conservation: #Wild life Habitat, #Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Habitat Building, Wildlife Habitat Preservation, #Animal Sanctuary, #Animal Rehabilitation,

Wildlife Rescue & Forever Home Santuary

  • The SandCastles Ranch (project) is meant to always be a real working ranch. A community and symbiotic cohabitation of many creatures All creatures great and small need to peacefully co-exist to restore the earth's natural balance and ecosystems.

  • The SandCastles Ranch (project) partners with the Leaky Ark Animal Sanctuary. To provide Eco Friendly, Energy Efficient, Sustainable, and low waste housing to various animal breeds.

  • In our." XXXBIG Dogs" Program, We rescue, evaluate, train, and provide forever homes to the largest breed of dogs. Large breed dogs can be considered lethal weapons, aggressive, and human dominant due to improper training and socialization. Approx. half never make it out of shelters. Also, for XLarge and XXLarge Breeds their space, exercise, food, and training requirements add to the unadoptable issues.

Of the 3 million cats and dogs euthanized in shelters each year, approximately 2.4 million (80%) are healthy and treatable and could have been adopted into new homes.“In this country, taxpayers spend $1 billion dollars annually to pick up, shelter, and euthanize homeless animals.

  • In our, " Gone Wild" Program we have rescued, trained, and rehabilitated various species of wildlife. We have also done work with various agencies to preserve, build, and create wildlife habitats. Most of our projects are filmed for educational purposes.

  • We respond to major disaster situations, providing hands-on care to horses, companion animals, and wildlife.

  • With the aid of our "Animal Embasitors", we educate and empower people to make better-informed choices. Some of them have also doubled as therapy animals.

The Bureau of Land Management created the Wild Horse and Burro Program to implement the Wild-Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act, passed by Congress in 1971. The facilities are were 4x maximum capacity before the 2020 Wildfires. Facilities that were designed to hold 20k max capacity have over 90k animals housed. Due to the 2020 wildfires, so many facilities are beyond critical mass and desperately need people and organizations with experience managing and training Wild Horses and Burros. Wild Horse Video

Waste Reduction

We sell Recycled, Repurpose, and Upcycle goods to reduce global waste. We sell DYI books and Videos to teach simple inexpensive ways to reduce waste and live sustainably.

As much/ often as possible we are using recycled materials, repurposing items, and restoring previously used items in ALL of our projects. Do our part to keep as many usable items and material out of the landfills. While teaching many useful ways to reuses many items.

60% to 100% of our Sustainable Building projects materials are recycled, repurposed, upcycled, or are self-sustaining materials. We are Leading by Example!

Some of the subjects we teach:

Waste Reduction: #Waste Reduction, # Waste management , #Up-cycle, #Recycle Repurpose & Reuse, #Zero Waste,

We are scheduling to start/resume airing our programs on Public Educational TV beginning March 2021.

UPDATE: With the second, worse surge of Covid -19 we are delaying airing until the Summer Season.

In the US Broadcasting to over 236 Million Cable TV homes on #VEXUS Ch.249, #Litestream Ch.80, #TikiLIVE Ch.106, #NK Telco Ch.70, #rodeonetworks Ch.364, #FTC Ch.259, Intelsat 20 in Africa, #Roku.

Aslo Cox Cable/NBC in Sacramento CA/Tahoe/Reno/Carson also in March broadcast to over 20 million homes.

Globally broadcast to over 236 million homes in Sub-Sahara Africa & Western Europe.

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