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ue to the changing nature of the Covid-19 crisis. All information, dates, schedules should be considered tentative until further notice.

This year we are doing two a very special projects.

Everyone has heard about the massive wildfires in California that have devastated millions of acres. What hasn't made the news are the tens of thousands of domestic and wild animals that have been displaced. All of the CA Animal Rescue facilities are massively beyond maximum capacity,

Being that we are a CA-based 501-c non-profit we have agreed to take on some of the displaced wild and domestic animals. Although we are not set up yet here and more than half of our equipment and resources are still in Ca. We will take in as many animals that we can arrange proper shelter and care.

This is not going to be easy! But many hands make the work light!

Winter 2020-2021

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

Fall 2021

Our Project Locations

The projects that we do utilize techniques and materials that can be used anywhere in the world. We intentionally create projects in vastly different climates and terrains to demonstrate global feasibility.

Recently we decided to buy rural land and sustainably build/develop fully functional self-sufficient living & workspaces. With great consideration being giving to wildlife conservation, water conservation, regenerative agriculture, and energy conservation in all of our designs. Requiring ALL of the skills we have developed over the last 30 yrs and everything we can continue to learn.

If more people could see with their own eyes that sustainable building and living are a truly viable, cost-effective alternative/ solution, more people would be willing to adopt sustainable living and building techniques.

SCR Nevada

We purchased a property in Fallon NV 2018 to develop. There have been so many issues with the property and locals. A lot of trespassing, vandalism, harassment of the animals, sabotage & extreme racism. Still steadily progressing. more

SCR California

We had picked a new location in Napa CA Feb 2020 we began the initial buying process, days before the Covid-19 quarantine. Which was on hold until things reopened. The location was burned up in the CA wildfires.

SCR ???

We are looking at several locations. Some very promising. You'll just have to wait for the great reveal. Join our newsletter to say up to date.It will not be in the dessert! Or have a million flies and mosquitoes! - AMF

Past & Up Coming Project Locations


Orlando Fl


Costa Rica

Arizona, USA

Ghana, Africa

South Africa

Virgin Islands

Sri Lanka


Houston Texas

Ocoee, FL

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