Sponsorship Opportunities

Each and Every Person has the abilty to make a differance!

There are so many reasons to sponsor the Sand Castles Ranch ( Project);

Individual Sponsors:

1. Anyone 18 or older can make a tax deductible donation to the Sand Castles Ranch (Project).

2. Our programs depend on people like you. We need environmentally conscience people who want to help educate communities and raise awareness.

3. It's very simple to do just click on the button below. Choose the amount you want to donate and receive your Thank You gift and tax deduction receipt via instantly e-email.

4. No donation is too small. Every bit counts and is a step closer to our goals.

5. Your name will be added to our published list of contributors, ( unless otherwise requested)

6. Despite the insane year we all have had you get to help end it on a positive note. By helping the environment and fellow creatures.

Everybody Wins!

Squeaky Door Sponsorship

It take a lot to manage a ranch. Equipment and equipment repairs is always high on our to do list. Fencing and fence repairs, Security Cameras and Alarms. Water has to be brought to most of our locations, he have to use electric generators, solar power and battery banks .....and more. Basic operations can get exspensive!

Animal Crew Sponsorship

Ranches have both human and animal workers. The majority of the SCR Animal crew are special circumstances rescues. We also do wildlife recue. Some were wild/feral others had a previous history of destructive behavior. Some are trained and placed in new forever homes. Some join our crew for life...forever home!

Project Sponsorship's

The project are divided by seasons and level of importants. Although we do try to have as much fun as we can when ever possible many projects. We are only on this earth once let's enjoy it! Tomorrow is not promised, sponsor today!

School Sponsorship's

We often teach groups of children and do school field trip projects. Our children are the future! It is so important to teach them while they are young that there are many alternative ways of doing things that is healthier for the environment.

Webinar Sponsorship

Online Webinar sponsorship's are very limited. To secure your spot as a sponsor we encourage you to contact us ASAP. For more information or to reserve your sponsorship, please email sponsors@sandcastlesranch.org.

Workshop Sponsorship's

Online Webinar sponsorship's are very limited. To secure your spot as a sponsor we encourage you to contact us ASAP. For more information or to reserve your sponsorship, please email sponsors@sandcastlesranch.org.

Business and Corporate Sponsorship's

Although all business can benefit form our sponsorship packages sponsorship opportunities are very limited. We are limiting our acceptance to business that share similar sustainable, Eco-friendly, socioeconomic interest.

If you have a

Special Interest Group, Business/Corporation, Club, Community Group, or Civic Group that fits under the following categories:

,Conservation, Civic Groups, Colleges and Universities, Schools and Educational centers, Eco Friendly, Alternative Energy, Animal Rights, Eco Arts, Humanitarian Organizations, Health Care, Sustainable Living, Historical Preservation, Wildlife Habitat Conservation, Alternative Health Care, Natural Foods, Natural Beauty,

We have a Sponsorship Package or Partner Membership that's just right for you!

Sand Castles Ranch Project is a part of the WYDK TV Inc.'s network of educational programs and community events.

Which means that not only will your events, products or services be exposed to Sand Castles Ranches, Viewers, Social Media Members, but also all 24 of WYDK Global Networks programs viewers and social media members. Who are an 100% targeted audience genuinely interested in your products or services, ha Our last count on WYDK TV's website alone we had 70k active members. We will disclose more detailed and verifiable information to vetted potential sponsors/partners. .

Important Disclaimer!

WYDK TV Inc. reserves the right without expiation to turn down any Sponsors and/or Memberships. There are a very limited number of sponsorship opportunities and we what to choose business and organizations that can be genuinely mutually beneficial.

WYDK TV Inc. reserves the right to closely monitor and approve all advertisements, links, sites, communities etc. that are in any way associated with WYDK TV Inc or any of programs or projects.