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Rising Phoenix Ranch

The name of the property in Fallon NV is not SandCastles Ranch.

The Fallon NV location was named " Rising Phoenix Ranch". We chose the name because both the town and the property embody many extremes. Similar to the legion of the Phoenix. They are both are shrouded in much controversy and adversity.

The Fallon property is totally trashed by two centuries of abuse by local families and the former owners.

*It was part of a dumpsite back in the 1920s to 40s. (Which we were not informed and by law were required to be informed.)70% of the 30 -acre property is covered in broken glass and rusted metal. We estimate at least 20 tons of surface debris. Which was hidden by the snow when we purchased the property in Jan2018. God only knows what lies beneath the surface. More info

*The previous owners threw all of their trash and disregarded items in huge piles all over the property. More info

*Then it was abandoned for 8yrs. Local used/abused it in any way they wanted. It's overgrown with brush and pestilence infested. More info

* The groundwater is toxic from previous mining in the area. More info

* Fallon NV has one of the highest cancer (clusters) due to environmental toxin exposure rates in the US. More info

Had set out to find a property in the worst possible condition, with the worst extreme climate, with the worst pestilence problems, in a highly racist self- destructive town the Fallon NV Property would have been perfect. More info

Like a Phoenix, it needs to be resurrected from total destruction back to Viability and Rebirth.

To call it a challenge would be an understatement.

Fallon NV: A Nightmare Location!

Originally we did intend to use the property in Fallon NV for our main location.

For medical reasons, I needed a slower pace. I'm a senior citizen now. Also diagnosed with Lymphoma. I need to bring all of my work closer to me to eliminate any unnecessary overwork. I could work and do projects at my own pace or just supervise and let the young people shine. Soon it will be time for me to pass the torch to a younger generation. I had hoped that my last projects would be my finest.

The good people here are amazing beautiful spirits but they are outnumbered 4 to 1 by the self-destructive jackasses. I count myself blessed to have met the good people here, if only there were more of them. For their sake, I would love to see this town flourish and blossom. This town is divided against its self being torn down and apart as fast as it is being built up. "A house divided against its self can not stand! MARK 3:20-35. Which makes anything we could do here a bad investment of time and resources.

We had several huge grants in the wings to develop the property and provide local jobs. We literally had access to hundreds of thousands of dollars to infuse into the economy of this town. Friends of mine who were leading a major global summit wanted to hold the conferences here, I stopped them. I would never expose world-class leaders and teachers to the racist behavior and treatment I endure daily in Fallon NV. Countless opportunities that would have prospered in this town were redirected or permanently canceled.

The locals started showing their true natures on day one. Having no knowledge of who we are or what we were bringing to the table. Our intention was to quietly settle in and get to know the town and its specific needs prior to meeting with the planners and Major with proposed projects. That was before encountering the experiencing the extreme racism, major drug abuse, and very high crime that is prevalent in Fallon NV.

Fallon NV is one of those places you both Love and Hate at the same time. Truly a tale of two cities. Breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. A million stars in the diamond skies. More species of wild birds than I have ever seen outside of a zoo. So peaceful and quiet ....when the locals aren't acting a fool. They seem to ALWAYS be acting a fool. Conveniently located nestled between several tourist attractions and driving distance from anything you may want to do. It could have been a great place to be.

Normally military towns are a melting pot of people and cultures. Here in Fallon NV, the Navy Top Gun behaves like unruly juvenile delinquents and racist skinheads. I've witnessed a lot of extreme abuse of the locals by the Navy Hot Shots. I/ my property have also been the subject of their abuse. Numerous incidents of trespassing, vandalism, property damage, and harassment. I've been randomly called the "N" word by Top Gun Hotshots several times while out and about town just minding my own business. Behavior unbeffitting a serviceman. As publicly brazen and cocky as they are there is no doubt that their superior officers are well aware of their behavior and probably cover for them. They behave like they are above the law. My family is 6 Gen Military, this is an absolute disgrace to the US Armed services.

Fallon has big-city major drug issues and crime. Theives are constantly trying to find anything they can steal 24/7. To make matters worse a drug house and thief ring is right next door to the property. The ole bitty openly brags about how she has been robbing the neighbors and locals for over 30yrs, and how she pays her partners in crime with drugs. I have personally seen lab equipment used for extracting, concentrating/reducing chemical compounds on her kitchen table.

Our animals are constantly being harassed. Two of our pure breed security dogs were poisoned. Water tanks and feed bins dumped out several times or poisoned, Fencing cut, constant trespassing, constant vandalism, Animal pens, and fencing being pulled down, Animals constantly being let out, 4 times fires were set on the property, etc... I'm always armed. We have filed over 50+ Sherrif reports in the 3 short years we have had the property.

Employees at city State and federal agencies here abuse their job positions to further their racist bias and harassment. We will be filing several legal actions about our Civil and Constitutional rights constantly being violated.

No matter what changes we are capable of making, the town will still be a self-destructive, and extremely racist town. It's just not worth the time and monetary investment it would require. We can make tremendous progress in so many others places with a fraction of the effort it would take to make small changes in Fallon NV. Our efforts would not ever be appreciated in Fallon. I have never lived in a town that spends so much of its time backbiting and tearing apart anyone trying to make things better. If this is the way they treat their own outsiders, especially persons of color will not ever be appreciated. The private sector grants and sponsorships we were offered were from highly influential, Athletes, Entertainers, Black-owned Corporations...all wealthy people/businesses of color. We would never knowingly help fund RACIST AGENDAS! This would be the case if we invested any of our resources in this town.

Our efforts and resources are best utilized elsewhere. It will literally take about 10yrs what we could accomplish in 2yrs because of the people. There are many other towns that are welcoming and actively requesting that we bring our programs to their area. Everything we build in Fallon NV will be portable, with the intention of moving it to other locations.

We are not building or developing in Fallon.

We are meeting with State and Federal agencies about the constant violations of our Civil Rights and Constitutional Laws. Several lawsuits, complaints, charges, etc... have been or will be filed. We are also going public in detail about the abusive behavior we have had to endure in Fallon NV. To create any change we must hold responsible parties accountable.

We are done with this foolishness!